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Tawakoni Winter Bite is ON!

Tawakoni Winter Bite is ON!

January 13, 2016 by

Hello fisherpeople! Fishing has been great! The weather has been great!

It’s just great. I hope all of you have had a wonderful New Year…now it’s time to get down to business and get out on the water and catch a bunch of fish. I had to have hernia surgery, so I’ve been on the couch, but I’ll be back at it the end of the month. Who wants to go??


Texoma water temperature is in the upper 40’s and water is stained to muddy and 9 feet high with the gates open letting out 28,500 CFS into the red River. Texoma striper fishing continues to be a slow for me using artificial lures. Here's some pics as to what the bite is right now using artificial lures.

Texoma Striper FishingTexoma Striper Fishing

I haven’t seen any real big bruisers yet like last year; a good day is 10 fish with maybe one 10 lbr in the mix, and a few misses, and few that will get off. Catching them on road runners with big trailers on them in 10 to 20 feet of water on points, and in ditches, which is their typical wintern pattern.

Texoma SmallmouthTexoma Striper Fishing

The recent Christmas rains brought the lake up again and muddied her up again, but we can catch a few fish, just not big numbers of striper. The pictures above are from Lake Texoma, and this is a typical day right now, with an occasional big fish to boot.


Tawakoni water temp is in the lower 50’s and water is stained a bit and the lake is only about a foot high. Recent trips have been really good the last few weeks and it will continue to be good. We have caught some BIG hybrid AND striper, so you just can’t go wrong.

Lake Tawakoni FishingLake Tawakoni Fishing

Deadsticking continues to work, but so has slow rolling green sassy’s as well. Chasing some birds and using electronics to find open water schools has worked for me.

Lake Tawakoni FishingLake Tawakoni FishingLake Tawakoni Fishing

Once we find em, if they are being less aggressive, we will dead stick em, and if they get going good, we’ll chunk sassy’s and turn the trolling motor on high and stay with em as they EAT US UP!

Having 2 or 3 or 4 fish on at once is not that unusual!!

Recent pics below. A mixture of striper, hybrids, and a few sand bass. We typically will also throw back many more than this to fight another day!! WooHoo!!


Now I know it’s still winter, but SPRING BREAK IS ONLY 2 MONTHS AWAY, and those days book quick. Don’t wait til the week before to book a trip cuz I will probably be booked.

I’ll be running morning and afternoon trips. I'll be fishing on Lake Texoma and Lake Tawakoni for your convenience. Call me now or email or FB me and let’s get a day in the books for YOU!

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My job is to put you on the fish, period. Texoma is slow right now, but a few can be caught with the chance to get a good big one.  Lake Tawakoni will produce good numbers with some solid 5 to 7 lb hybrids and also the chance to get some big ones. I want to make sure we have a successful trip, and to me that means HAULING IN FISH. So for now, Tawakoni is the place to be for catching good numbers. But stay tuned, cuz the real bigguns could show up at Big Tex any day!!

I want to thank all of you that fished with me last year and look forward to getting all of you back on the water soon. Give me a call and let’s get on the water!!!

Stay tuned…

Your Striper Guide,


Capt. Stephen Andre’

Striper Hunter Guide Service

Cell or text: 972-816-6000 

Email: stephen@texomastriperhunter.com 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TexomaStriperHunter


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